An IN THE AIR Excerpt: “One Foot” by Lillie E. Franks

“I’ve heard there are spirits in these mountains,” Alan said from behind me. Was he coherent or had he started raving? “That’s good,” I said. “Keep talking. Keep your mind off the pain.” Snow crunched under my feet. Everything was snow. Snow-covered rocks, snow-covered ground, a snow-covered sky, clouds of snow. No warmth, no direction,…

Karma: Real, or Just a Dream? by Belinda Stoner

I decided that the idea of Karma had gotten out of hand after I was nearly killed in a road rage incident. Late last winter, I was driving to an appraisal. (Residential appraising is what currently pays most of my bills.) We’d gotten a few inches of snow, and temperatures hovered in the low teens….