A TRANSCENDENT Excerpt: “A Family Film” by Rachel DiMaggio

The more you try to remember, the murkier things get. There was popcorn, of course, and tucked around your feet, a crocheted blanket with granny squares of hunter green and brown. Your brother hugged a couch pillow, peeking over it. At first, you’re thrilled by the figure, standing outside the townhouse window, a monolith on…

Our TRANSCENDENT Authors: a Featured Interview with Rachel DiMaggio

In our new author series, we’ll be offering a clairvoyant peek behind the veil of who and what makes up TRANSCENDENT. Here’s a glimpse at Rachel DiMaggio and her story “A Family Film.”   ABOUT THE STORY What inspired your story? The “lost film/book/artifact” trope is one of my favorite jumping off points in horror….