An ON TIME Excerpt: “Delicate Equilibrium” by Chris Stanley

Enjoy an excerpt from Chris Stanley’s “Delicate Equilibrium” featured in our newest anthology ON TIME. Thomas ends the call and smiles. He can’t help it. The walls of his study are decorated with certificates of academic achievement, but he doesn’t need to pretend any longer. He’s finished with social sciences and all the meagre, hard-fought gains….

An ON TIME Excerpt: “A Tree, A Hope, and A River” by Amber Kim

Enjoy an excerpt from Amber Kim’s “A Tree, A Hope, and A River” featured in our new anthology ON TIME. Shawna nervously shifted from foot to foot, looking up into the branches of the old birch tree. A ladder had been nailed to the side of the tree. A queasy feeling radiated out from the bottom…

Fear of Fire by Jean Roberta

Enjoy an exclusive guest post from Jean Roberta, author of “Mysteries of the Dragon,” which will be featured in the upcoming anthology ON FIRE set for release on 12.01.17.   It’s no wonder that Christians have traditionally believed that sinners are tormented by Hell-fire for all eternity after death. Fire is the stuff of nightmares….