On the Avocation for Dream Journals by Ali Habashi

You should write in a diary every day. The advice made sense. I wanted to be a writer, and the best way for a child to become a better writer was to write. A daily diary would force the words out, create an addiction that would require satisfaction before falling asleep each night—a productive insomnia….

Not Sappy, Just Grateful

Hey feisty ones! Many know that I am the intern here at Transmundane Press. Well, as the spring semester of college ends, I wondered what would happen to my internship. Luckily, I have an awesome boss who told me I can stay. Alisha is an extremely hard-worker. Behind the scenes, she works everyday usually with…

It’s Just a Bad Day

Hey, feisty ones! Unfortunately, I am not having a good day. It’s not anything that happened or something someone did. I just don’t feel like my normal self. I’m usually very hyper and bubbly. I’ve always wondered why I get into this mood sometimes. I get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise mind and body….

Tips of being a Rock Star Intern

Hey, my feisty ones! I’m starting my own diary thread. I hope you can learn some things and maybe get a few laughs out of it, too.  My first few weeks being an intern have been a daze of, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know it took this much work” and “Oh yay! I did…