Shaun Avery, an ON TIME Author Interview

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What inspired your story?

A strange dream.  A cool magazine.  I’ll go into further detail on my promo piece.  Can’t wait!

Can you tell us a little bit about your protagonist?

He’s a naïve kid trying to achieve something in a world that’s even crazier than ours.  I like him, though.  He reminds me a lot of myself at a younger age.

What is the most interesting thing about the world you’ve created?

I created a world where pretty much anything can happen!  Within that, though, there’s a very human story being told, something universal yet intimate.  I really like how that’s turned out.

What genre or mix of genres does your story fit into? 

Normally I’m a horror guy, and while there is definitely some supernatural content within this one, I’ll have to go all mushy here and say that it’s a love story.

How have your personal experiences influenced this story?

We’ve all been in love.  We’ve all had friendships that were great and we’ve all – sadly – had friendships that turned toxic.  That’s all there in this one, beneath the supernatural stuff.

What would you like readers to take away from your story?

A warm, happy, uplifted feeling with this one.  A sense that even when weird stuff is going on, we’re all still human.  I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide just what that means.

What was your favorite part of the story to write and why?

The story itself was all fun, but my favourite memory of writing this one is always going to be my girlfriend’s reaction to it.  She proofreads all my stuff, God help her, and after pointing out all my usual typos she told me this one reminded her of the TV show Misfits.  Now, for me, this show is one of the greatest British programmes ever made, and though it came to a conclusion a few years ago it remains one of my single biggest writing influences.  So to have a story compared to it was flattering beyond belief.





When did you write your first story, how old were you, and what was it about?

I wrote loads of things when I was a little kid, things that made no sense, things I sometimes didn’t even end – a habit I sadly still hold today.  The first one I remember actually finishing, though, actually going through successive drafts with like a real writer might, was this one called Street Justice.  I was a teenager then, and I had an unhealthy obsession with American street gang movies, particularly this one called Street Soldiers, and the story I wrote was an attempt to do something like that, only set it in the places I knew and lived in.  It wasn’t very good.  I might have also been inspired by this sci-fi gang film called Prayer of the Roller-Boys.  Man, I loved that one.

What is your writing survival checklist? (Aka, what helps your write the best: music, snacks, coffee, complete silence, a stress ball, a cat, or an outline, etc.)

Sometimes silence, sometimes music.  It depends on the story.

What has influenced you most as a writer?

Comics.  I know and I’m lazy and probably say that every time, but it remains the truth.

What font do you prefer to write in? 

Calibri!  Also probably laziness, as it was the default font setting when I first got my computer, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.  I really do like the way it looks, though.  Honest.

Do you have any writing blogs/vlogs/podcasts, etc. that you would recommend?

I’m not much good with technology, so probably not.  I do love me some Writing Magazine, though . . .

What is your favorite and least favorite word, and why?

I’ve always been partial to ‘splendid.’ And ‘nitrogen.’  Don’t ask me to choose between them!  Least favourite is probably a rude one, so I’ll not go into that here . . .






Shaun Avery has been published in many magazines and anthologies, normally with stories of a horrific or satiric nature, and often both.  In a rare break for him, “For the Very First Time” features barely any form of celebrity satire.  Normal service will probably be resumed soon.




ON TIME is coming in Summer 2020. Be sure to follow us on Amazon.


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