Margo Rife, an ON TIME Author Interview

bannerJoin us as we peek behind the scenes of our upcoming anthology, ON TIME. Learn more about Margo Rife in her featured interview.



What inspired your story?

Inspiration for the flash fiction story “God’s Gifts are Timeless” came from books written by two favorite authors: Malcom Gladwell’s, Angels an Endangered Species; and the novella, Hell is the Absence of God by Ted Chiang.

Can you tell us a little bit about your protagonist?

The archangel and mighty winged messenger Gabriel has been assigned a side job. While he’s comfortable delivering good news to humans, he’s not sure how to deal with a new group of eternal-life dissenters.

What is the most interesting thing about the world you’ve created?

Even in Heaven, there is dissatisfaction and power struggles.

What genre or mix of genres does your story fit into?


How have your personal experiences influenced this story?

I gave talks about angels based on Malcom Gladwell’s book Angels an Endangered Species, and people would share stories about winged messenger encounters.

What would you like readers to take away from your story?

I think readers will start to see angels in a new light.

What was your favorite part of the story to write and why?

Since I’m a playwright, I enjoyed writing the “scene” where the Angel Gabriel confronts the Eternal-Life Dissenters. Conflict is central to playwriting.





When did you write your first story, how old were you, and what was it about?

In eighth grade, I revised a radio play to present at our graduation banquet. It had silly skits and mock commercials.

What is your writing survival checklist? (Aka, what helps your write the best: music, snacks, coffee, complete silence, a stress ball, a cat, or an outline, etc.)

I find inspiration while walking a rescue English greyhound named Scout. Coffee is a favorite drink while actually writing down the words.

What has influenced you most as a writer?

Reading books and discussing them with friends and family.

What font do you prefer to write in?

I’m currently looking for a new font but am stuck on Times New Roman.

Do you have any writing blogs/vlogs/podcasts, etc. that you would recommend?

Can I shamefully self-promote? Kevin Folliard, Greg Von Dare, and I have produced a podcast in the studio of LaGrange Library. It’s available on under Basement Stories.

What is your favorite and least favorite word, and why?

twee and twee

I love the sound of the word, and it’s fun to say. It perfectly describes: in such a small way.

Yet, I dislike anything that is classified as twee.



OnTimeBookCoverKINDLEMargo is drawn to short word counts. As a playwright, she had two monologues performed by the Women’s Theatre Festival, Odyssey Stage, MOJOAA Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC and The Playground Experiment in NYC.

10-Minute Plays have been produced by the Theatre of Western Springs.

She’s also fascinated with flash fiction. It’s her new obsession, and she hopes to someday meld my writing and graphic design skills.

Unholy Trinity Drabbles published in Trembling with Fear titled Mommy Fearest.

Flash Fiction: Goodnight Shark, Down the Rabbit Hole Darkly, Diary of a Lazy Eye.


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