Inspiration for “God’s Gifts Are Timeless” by Margo Rife

banner.jpegEnjoy an exclusive guest post from Margo Rife, author of “God’s Gifts Are Timeless,” featured in our upcoming anthology ON TIME.


Inspiration for the flash fiction story “God’s Gifts Are Timeless” came from books written by two of my favorite authors.

Before Malcom Gladwell was automatically a best-selling author, he wrote a book titled Angels, an Endangered Species that’s a guided tour of the lore of angels from ancient times to the present. I marveled at the depth and scope of his research.  The most surprising chapter reveals how the large mighty angels of the Kabalah were shrunk to the size of tiny cherubs in Victorian times. It was my first time associating angels with the word mighty.

My favorite science fiction writer is Ted Chiang.  The Los Angeles Times explains that his short stories are “united by a patient but ruthless fascination with the limits of knowledge.”

I expanded that fascination to include the limits of mankind’s understanding of time. In Chiang’s novella, Hell is the Absence of God, he seemingly borrows from Gladwell’s research to present the reader with angels as being “phenomena of terrifying power.” I was inspired to present the angel Gabriel as somewhat of a time bully in my flash fiction story.



OnTimeBookCoverKINDLEMargo is drawn to short word counts. As a playwright, she had two monologues performed by the Women’s Theatre Festival, Odyssey Stage, MOJOAA Performing Arts in Raleigh, NC and The Playground Experiment in NYC.

10-Minute Plays have been produced by the Theatre of Western Springs.

She’s also fascinated with flash fiction. It’s her new obsession, and she hopes to someday meld my writing and graphic design skills.

Unholy Trinity Drabbles published in Trembling with Fear titled Mommy Fearest.

Flash Fiction: Goodnight Shark, Down the Rabbit Hole Darkly, Diary of a Lazy Eye.


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