Throwback Thursday | A DISTORTED Excerpt: “Lost in the Labyrinth” by Christian Bone

I was lost in the labyrinth.

Sweating stone walls, as black as the heart of the Beast, encased me, echoing the helpless cries of my fellow cattle. One by one the cries died away. I heard but two and then merely one.

I realised the sound was my own.

Sacrifices. Prisoners. Finger food. We were sent down here to die. Mice in the basket of the cat, toying with us, frightening us and, finally, lowering us into its jaws.

The Beast found me. Its hulking form was silhouetted by the light of the torch behind it. It flexed its arms, bowed its head and charged like a bull.

The irony was not lost on me.



Official Distorted CoverChristian Bone is the writer of several short stories and flash fictions, as well as a recent recipient of a Creative Writing degree from the University of Winchester in the UK. Nearly all of his work plays with or revises pre-existing stories ranging from literary classics to fairy tales and, of course, mythology.


Get lost in DISTORTED now.

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