IN THE AIR Cover Reveal

Our new anthology is on its way!

Now that we’ve been consistently publishing anthologies, we’re proud to bring new voices to our team and to continue representing our veteran contributors. This collection is going to change what you think about one of our most underrated elements: Air.



Dean Samed always does a wonderful job!


The Official Back Blurb:

AIR surrounds us.

Invisible but everywhere, AIR can be a gentle and playful spirit, or an aggressive and destructive force.

Winds lift and move water, driving the storms and waves that irrigate crops and shape shorelines.

The breeze can transport seeds, fertilizing the earth and spreading life in its wake.

AIR feeds fire, gives life to its burning creativity.

Our words and music vibrate within AIR; its gusts allow our species to communicate and sing with one another.

AIR fills the spaces within our lives; it is the element that whispers dreams and lets the world dance.

Let these twenty-eight stories launch you IN THE AIR.


Due out April 2019!


Stay tuned because we’ll be bringing you the insider scoop on our authors and their stories. And don’t forget to follow us on Amazon, so you can be notified the moment this baby hits the stores.



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