A TRANSCENDENT Excerpt: “Drums” by M.T. Anderson

The house had a beat.

It came from above, steady and unyielding. On some days, it was a sound in the background, a suggestion. On others, it was a demand, an order, and no matter how hard we tried, it could not be ignored.

Dulla was first. She woke one morning, eyes glassy, jaw slack, and she walked. We tried to stop her. We barricaded the way. We restrained her. We howled her name until our voices were hoarse and our throats burned. Still, she walked. Upward she climbed, each step in time with the beat. We waited at the foot of the steps. She opened the door, passed through, and disappeared forever.



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Born a New Englander, M.T. DeSantis moved south in early adulthood, realized she actually liked winter, and promptly moved back north. Currently, she’s trying out life as a Midwesterner with her boyfriend, who also actually likes winter. When not writing, M.T. can be found practicing yoga, attempting to make friends with the oven, or plotting her next adventure.



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