Our TRANSCENDENT Authors: a Featured Interview with Nicholas Stella

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In our new author series, we’ll be offering a clairvoyant peek behind the veil of who and what makes up TRANSCENDENT. Here’s a glimpse at Nicholas Stella and his story “The Little Lantern.”



What inspired your story?

I spent time studying and working in Taiwan and noticed that many of the ex-pats living there spent their days speaking English, eating Western fast food, and living a lifestyle that they would have had if they had continued to live in their home countries. I found it quite sad that they immersed hardly a toe into the language, food, or culture of Taiwan, and with these ex-pats in mind, I wrote about Egbert and the Little Lantern.

Did you have to do any research? If so, what kind? What did you learn?

It was more through the experience of living overseas that the idea developed into the finished product.

Can you tell me a little bit about your protagonist?

Egbert is the product of a middle class upbringing in a Western country dropped far beyond his depth into a foreign culture. I’d like to think that not immersing himself into the lifestyle of his new home is borne more out of self doubt and a lack of confidence rather than arrogance or contempt.

Tell me about the setting you chose and how it influences your work?

I chose a city in an unnamed Asian country full of sights, smells, and practices unfamiliar to Egbert. I enjoy ‘fish out of water’ stories and in keeping with this theme have planted the protagonist in a city brimming with industry and rife with threat; no place for a young and naïve Western man.

What would you like readers to take away from your story?

That hallucinogens and large quantities of beer are probably not good bedfellows!

 Which phrase are you most proud of in this story?

Under the light of the moon, over the wet streets they went, Egg developing a spring in his step, following the nimble god down the alley.




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What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

On Writing by Stephen King. Equal parts inspiring and eyebrow-raising.

If you had to put your name on someone else’s book/story, which would it be and why?

1984. It is a story that has maintained its relevance ever since it has been published.

When did you decide to take writing seriously?

I don’t think I ever have. It’s more of a hobby and a way to keep the mind working rather than any attempt at becoming a professional writer.

If you could choose a single superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to command animals. (Even cats!) Imagine the power!



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Nicholas Stella can often be seen scribbling away on scraps of paper at the oddest of hours and in the most random of locations as inspiration has no respect for time or place. He lives in Sydney with his wife and two little monsters.


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