Tag the Door by Franklin Charles Murdock

Have I ever told you about the time Tommy Porter and me played the most legendary game of Tag the Door ever seen in Scarsville, Kansas?

You know Tag the Door, right?  That’s when two dumb shits stand at the walkway of a scary house at full dark and dare each other to race up and tag its front door, the winner being the one who makes it back first.

Well, 217 Carver Street was our scary house.  It got its reputation by being a murder site in the 1920s.  Ritual sacrifices by a cult or something.

Anyway, one night, Porter and me lined up on the sidewalk, someone yelled, “Go,” and we booked it into the dark.

Me and Tommy were neck-and-neck until the door came into view.  That’s when I leapt forward, tagged it, and turned back.

Unfortunately, whoever was inside mistook the tag for a knock, and the door opened just as Porter dove at it. Then he was inside and the door was closed behind him.

I was the only one who made it back that night.

We never saw Tommy again…no body, no nothing.

But, hey, a win’s a win.



Transcendent - Amazon KindleFranklin Charles Murdock is a fiction writer from the Midwestern United States. Though most of his work is harvested from the vast landscapes of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, Franklin strives to spin tales outside the conventions of these genres.

His work has appeared in Dark Fuse, Under the Bed Magazine, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, MicroHorror, Liquid Imagination, Yellow Mama, Heavy Hands Ink, WEIRDYEAR, Phantom Kangaroo, PrimalZine, and various other publications.  Most recently, he’s been coauthoring the serial epic BEARD THE IMMORTAL on swordandportent.com and maintaining franklinmurdock.com.


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