Cosmic Justice by Morven Westfield

We hate it when jerks get away with being rude and are elated when they get their comeuppance.

It’s a fine evening, you’re attending a quiet concert. It’s just begun when some jerk behind you yells “Knock it off!” for apparently no reason. You turn around, cautiously, worried that this is something that’s going to escalate to violence. Scenes of news footage reporting road rage and similar social explosions flash through your mind. All you see is some guy leaning back in his seat with a huff and a vengeance. And he’s only one seat behind you.

A little shaken — it’s been years since you’ve been to a concert, and you’re not sure if this is going to quiet down or not — you turn back around to notice the person beside you apologizing to the rude dude. Uh-oh. The alleged offender, the person causing that turbulent outburst behind you, is the person you came to the event with. You know that if the rude dude does crank up the anger a bit, you’re not going to just get out of the way and let them duke it out: That “offender” is your brother, and even if he’s older than you, you’re going to try to protect him, even if rude dude is double your size.

Fortunately, it didn’t really escalate (other than rude dude sending the usher down to chastise my brother). He wasn’t doing anything wrong. The signs said “No Flash Photography,” and we wasn’t using a flash when he took a couple of quick snaps during a break in the performance.

I fumed inwardly for the rest of the performance. Weeks later, I penned “No, Nay, Never,” my imagining of cosmic justice for rude dude. Revenge can be sweet, even if it’s only on paper.



Transcendent - Amazon KindleMorven Westfield writes supernatural and horror fiction. Her short stories have appeared in multiple anthologies and she regularly contributes articles on folklore and the supernatural to The Witches Almanac.  Her two novels, Darksome Thirstand The Old Power Returns, feature vampires who battle modern witches.

She is a member of Broad Universe, the Horror Writers Association, New England Horror Writers, and New England Speculative Writers. She is particularly active in the New England chapter of Broad Universe.

Morven lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband. Like many writers, she keeps a messy office and drinks way too much coffee.


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