Our TRANSCENDENT Authors: a Featured Interview with Bekki Pate

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In our new author series, we’ll be offering a clairvoyant peek behind the veil of who and what makes up TRANSCENDENT. Here’s a glimpse at Bekki Pate and her story “Skrik.”



What inspired your story?

I love writing stories about paintings, especially if they are particularly haunting or eerie. My story features The Scream by Edvard Munch, I had the idea from just looking at the painting and wondering what it would be like to actually have a nightmare about the painting, and what could have caused it. My story came from there.

Did you have to do any research? If so, what kind? What did you learn?

I had to research the history of the painting and the artist which I found very interesting. I also had to research a little bit about emergency services call operators.

Can you tell me a little bit about your protagonist?

My protagonist is named George and he is haunted by recurring dreams about a man on a bridge with a hideous face. He is sure that this has something to do with his past but he can’t remember what it is, so that’s when he starts seeing a hypnotherapist.

What would you like readers to take away from your story?

I would like them to feel creeped out, unnerved in some way – if that happens then I have succeeded!

Which phrase are you most proud of in this story?

There was his man, his hideous, screaming man on the bridge. He looked like an alien. He looked dead.

If your story was front-page news, what would the headline be?

Grotesque man seen on bridge! Hideous, warped face, screaming at the sky!



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What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

I love attending writing events and festivals – the most recent being EDGE Lit in Derby where I got to meet an author I have recently discovered – Paul Tremblay – that was really good. There were also a lot of opportunities for networking and meeting up with people I hadn’t seen in a while. I think any money spent on networking and meeting people is always money well spent.

If you had to put your name on someone else’s book/story, which would it be and why?

I don’t think I can answer that one to be honest – I can’t think of any novels that mine are similar to – I think I take bits from everything I read and try to make it my own. I do however love Richard Laymon, Elizabeth Kostova, Sergei Lukyanenko and Stephen King so maybe my stories have elements from all these authors in them.

When did you decide to take writing seriously?

I have always written stories – my first ever one was a short story about a devil – I was in primary school. So I didn’t really decide, I have just always been this way, I don’t know any other way. I have to write, it’s a part of me.

If you could choose a single superpower, what would it be and why?

Stopping time – I always need more time, I’m always rushing around, and I wish sometimes I could just stop it passing and devote my energies to everything I want to.

Have any advice for those starting a book and how to find the time to write?

I always say just write it, even if it’s terrible the first time around – don’t wait until you’ve finished the housework, or until you’ve done all your errands. Dedicate time to writing, and if something else has to give (like a sink-full of pots,) then that’s okay. The pots will still be there when you’ve finished.



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Bekki Pate lives in Wolverhampton with her husband and daughter. She is a horror writer and loves all things spooky or gory—Richard Laymon and Stephen King being her favourite authors.

She draws her inspiration from other writers and her own imagination – the words also seem to flow better with a strong cup of coffee!


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