Our Looming Monster by Trevor Abbud

We all have a looming monster hidden within the complex labyrinth of our mind. Here, our monster sits and waits in our darkest shadows, impatient but with no other choice.

Are we fully aware that it’s there? Some of us might not be remotely conscious of this predator. Or perhaps, we choose to ignore it, don’t we? But it is there, isn’t it? You can almost feel it’s hot, raw breath huffing at the back of your mind now. Yes, you know it’s there. You’ve heard it’s low, gravelly grunts perhaps once before.

For most of us, we manage to keep that nasty old fiend locked up in the prison of our sanity. There may be nothing more than a few nightmarish glimpses of it throughout your entire life. But for others, this monster sometimes gets unleashed. Yes, now you know what I’m talking about. The walls of our rationality break, and the monster is free to roam the hallways of our mind.

Our monster is a devious, conniving beast. The weaker we become, the more powerful the darkness grows. The further we allow ourselves to step into the vile darkness, the closer we are to losing control. We’re getting close to the edge. And if we plummet too far, before we know it, we become the monster’s slave. We become part of our monster’s mind, trapped within a cage of madness.

All hell breaks loose. You’re in too deep. There is no turning back. Your hands drip with guilt. Your soul cries. But you no longer care.

We all have a looming monster. The monster is in us. Don’t let the monster become you.


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Trevor Abbud is an up-and-coming author writing speculative fiction. Developing a taste for literature as a young adult, Abbud took a serious interest in writing. His short stories and poems have been published by Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal, GFT Press, GNU Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Chantwood Magazine, The Broke Bohemian, Seshat Magazine and The hungry Chimera. Abbud is currently developing a collection of short stories.




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