The Story Behind DRUMS by M.T. DeSantis

What would you say if I told you this little dark fantasy/horror-esque story came from an email in which I was primarily flirting?

True story.

Several years ago, my boyfriend (who was not my boyfriend at the time) and I were at the same party right before Christmas. He left town to drive home for the holidays the next day, and we spent that trip shooting lengthy emails back and forth. We hit on everything from food to music to philosophy, and I got more than a long-term relationship out of the deal.

One of the many topics over his three-week absence was a group of friends he used to jam with. Their recording equipment was in one guy’s basement. But the drummer was so loud, he had to play from the attic so he wouldn’t blow out the microphone/drown everyone else out.

Drums in the attic.

In fact, that was this story’s original title. The idea of a house having a beat from somewhere unseen and that beat having a hypnotic effect on those in the house grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Four hundred-ish words later, Drums in the Attic was born. After a round with my writer’s group, the title was shortened to DRUMS and put in all caps.

I know. All caps isn’t standard at all. But I promise, there’s a reason. If you see it and its significance, good work. If you don’t, here’s a hint, check out my character’s names and think about them in reference to different cultures. Still not sure? Feel free to hunt me down to ask. Alternatively, it could be my little secret and one of life’s great mysteries for you. Just hope the house doesn’t feast on those who don’t know it’s secret…



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Born a New Englander, M.T. DeSantis moved south in early adulthood, realized she actually liked winter, and promptly moved back north. Currently, she’s trying out life as a Midwesterner with her boyfriend, who also actually likes winter. When not writing, M.T. can be found practicing yoga, attempting to make friends with the oven, or plotting her next adventure.


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