Intern Diaries: Heart On Fire

Hey, Feisty Ones!!

Intern Diaries is here, and there’s nothing to fear. Except for the four-letter word that you either dread or wish you could have in your life. Yes, I’m talking about L.O.V.E., and let me tell you, it has hit me like a back of bricks to the heart. I haven’t felt this excited to be around someone in a long time. After a bad heartbreak, its super scary to start a new relationship, but once through the doubt and fear, you see someone with clear eyes. Here’s few tips to help you organize your thoughts and tread through the files of red flags.

  1. Do not compare new love to old love. I myself am guilty of this, but It will only cause frustration. The new love needs to be treated like the title, NEW.
  2. Learn to trust. If it’s held back in the beginning of the relationship, it can rarely be made up in the end. Yes, it will hurt if that trust is broken. But in life, people are a lesson or a blessing.
  3. Believe in the person you are with. Even if their dreams and ambitions seem too far-fetched. A dreamer is something sacred in this life. If found, make sure to hold on tight.
  4. If there is no love, do not drag someone around and get their hopes up. Be honest. Sometimes things just don’t work out.
  5. Know the difference between sleeping with somebody and sleeping with somebody you love.
  6. Talk about everything. A wise woman once told me (AKA Alisha), if you stop talking about your future, that’s indication you don’t have one together.
  7. Love with every fiber of your being. It’s worth it if it works out, and if not, it just makes you stronger.

As always, stay feisty and give that special person and extra kiss today. Don’t forget to like us on all our social media and stay turned for more shenanigans at the press.



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