Anthology Artwork: a Holiday Update

Hello, lovelies!

I hope y’all are enjoying the holiday season with it’s fun sweaters, family time, awesome food, and the best time of year to eat way too much candy without worrying that others find you socially acceptable, you know, if you’re worried about that.

My holiday season is filled with finishing up projects. And as we published ON FIRE at the beginning of the month, I’ve finally managed to make available the wonderful interior artwork for it and for AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Yup. Happy times. They’re only $12 and make great gifts for your artsy and eclectic friends. Take a look at those funky inkings by Will Jacques.


COVER  24115666_10214248469909796_1027366013_o  23627231_10214159433323937_320544136_o  23600843_10214144130741382_274285042_o  23432455_10214111938536597_840058032_o  23377269_10214097527616333_816175901_o 


15388638_10210942686547278_1744736315_o  15387387_10210974642466156_384681967_o  15369638_10210942696867536_793373328_o  15322389_10210879378724622_1604873908_o  15311486_10210879403565243_382369258_o  15127511_10210770121833268_298877236_o  14971459_10210667422665853_1571558058_o  14963652_10210631213240640_464261731_o  14961547_10210631181719852_1721400801_n  14875849_10210544059661855_229176378_o

Also, in case you missed them, check out these excerpts from ON FIRE, ready by the authors!


More of those to come!

And now that the holiday is finally upon us, I get to huddle in front of my space heater, drink way too much coffee and cocoa, and read. Hallelujah!

How do you plan to spend your holiday? What’s your favorite present you’ve bought someone else this year?

Pst. Mine is the that’s-what-she-said t-shirt for my step-son.



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