Intern Diares: The Launch

Feisty ones!

It’s here and I am freaking out. All the stressful decisions and the constant fighting with technology has built up to this moment. What am I talking about? The launch of our new anthology, On Fire. I cannot explain the amount of relief this book’s release is setting upon me.

Seeing Alisha slave away for months, stressed out with all the work she does at the press and UCO, is a terrifying sight when she has your dream career.  I try to help with what I can, but no one can do what Alisha does. She is a machine; I swear and we don’t deserve her. If you guys get a chance take some time to check out her blog and subscribe to her newsletter, she is hilarious and you won’t regret it.

Alisha didn’t do it alone, however, shout out to Anthony for his hard work and keeping his eye on the prize. He is by far one of the most detail-oriented men I’ve ever met, and where I’m from that’s rare. Check out Anthony’s blog for inspiration and all things horror.

Congratulations to all the authors for making the cut, and it’s been a pleasure reading your stories and seeing them grow into these pages in this book. I’m honored to work with each and every one of you.

As always, stay Feisty and go get our book!!



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