The Ultimate Finaincial Aide Guide, Part Two

Hello, feisty ones!

I’m back with a financial guide, part two. I’ve finally gotten all my financial situation straightened out, but some aren’t so lucky. This 2017 Fall semester has been a nightmare for a lot of students, especially the ones that are on financial aid through the government and other loans. Because of recent political changes (don’t get me started), harder restrictions and more documentation is needed for financial aid. As they cut the government funding for education, they cut the U.S future as well.

Enough of my rambling because I could go on forever. Let’s finish this guide, and please share to anyone that needs this.

Do not be afraid to call the office and ask for a status on your account. With the influx of students, sometimes, things do not get done when they say they will get done. This doesn’t mean you cannot bug them, though, for fear of making them angry. You handle your business and brush any attitude off your shoulder.

  1. If there is not have enough money to pay off your account, ask about work study or jobs around the college that can make up that difference. Some colleges have a certain amount that must be paid off before you can enroll for the next semester so make sure to pay close attention to that.
  2. Make connections in the admissions, financial aid, and student council offices. These people will be your saving grace on a day that has gone from bad to worse. Once there is someone you have connected with in the offices, you can skip the line and walk straight to them, and they will be happy to see you.
  3. Make sure you renew your FAFSA when the time comes, and try not to put it off until the last moment, or a hold could be put on your account and cause fees. If you need help filling it out, go see them in the financial aid office, and they will help you. Most of the time, these people are very kind, but remember they are human and can have bad days, too.
  4. Never regret taking a loan out for your education. College is more than a degree and classes. It’s a place you go to find yourself or lose yourself. It’s the best years in your life, and the friends you make will be for life. Don’t be afraid to wear the dress, or try out for the team, and remember the MWF classmates won’t know if you wore the same outfit two days in a row because your TR classmates are different.

Good luck on midterms, exams, and have a great fall break! Be sure to bring in the colder-weather sweaters for the season, and as always, stay feisty.


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