Intern Diaries: Lost Alice Sneak Peek

Hello, Feisty Ones!

It’s almost October, and I am so hyped. I love the weather this month brings. I’m a huge fan of all things Halloween, and I will have my dorm decked out in it. I’d like to kick off the almost beginning of October by sharing with you a story I have been working on that I hope will be published one day. This story began in my English class where I met the wonderful Alisha, and this paper has turned into my pride and joy. I can only give a small taste because I have plans for this story. Enough of my babbling. Here is a little excerpt from “Lost Alice.”

“Silly rabbit, Twix are for kids.” Words spoken from the small box in the room.

Alice woke from a deep sleep.

Rabbit.” She sits up and rubs her eyes. “I remember a rabbit.”

Images of a tragedy rush back to Alice: the rabbit she once followed to a wonderful world being skinned alive. The small pelts of fur hitting the ground as the Red Queen laughed.

“What to do now. Oh, poor Alice.” The Red Queen had mocked her.

Alice’ jolted back to the strange room. “Oh, what horrible things have happened, but I cannot remember if it was reality.”

Alice stands, only to fall to the cold, hard-concrete floor. It’s as if she hasn’t walked in years.

She winced as the soreness grew worse, and she crawled up to the square metal bed and sat down on it. The short boxes in the corner of the room have a circular, red light blinking. Panic starts to set in.

What were those? She turned to the wall behind her and pressed her hand against the cold, soft wall. It was so squishy.

“No, just let me go.” A man from the other side of her door screamed. Alice jumped from her bed, tumbling and heading towards to the door. She catches , and a small window stung her eyes with the sharp light.

Alice worked to gain focus, the walls and floor had no end, and directly across from her, a barely visible door similar in size to her own.

Stop it.” The man hollers again with more urgency, now paired with scuffing and muffled talking that sounds a struggle.

“Let me go.” The man fades further away.

“Hello?” Alice paced around the room in tears, trying to understand and fighting the panic rising inside.

What she did know?

She was in a locked room with a small box that talked, in every corner of the room, small boxes blinked a red light, a man screamed for help. She could hardly see though the window due to the brightness outside.

“Now, back to the news,” the small, bright box said as Alice moved closer.

Why did this small thing speak to me with images and a human voice? Almost like a telephone.

The latch on the door screeched, and Alice jumped. The brightness blinded her. She covered her face.

“Hello?” she said.

“Put your face on the ground and hands behind your back,” a man said. “Do it.”

Alice laid herself on the ground while the man had two others check her. Both confirmed that she was safe.

“Ma’am, my name is Ben Marshal. I am with the CIA. I was sent here on a search and rescue mission by the government of the United States of America.”

He lifted Alice to her feet. He was a middle-aged man with thick, black hair and piercing green eyes.

“I know things do not make sense right now, but I need to get you out of this building to a safe place. I need your complete and total cooperation. Can you do this for me?”

The curves of his lips made a perfect cupid bow. The perfect whiteness of his teeth matched his complexion.

“I-I-I guess.” Alice struggled to find the words.

“Great.” He escorted her out of the room. “Unit five, I have last victim being escorted out now.”

Victim? How am I a victim?

Ben opened a small door to what seemed like a forever hallway, and Alice braced herself for the bright light, except it never came.

She shuttered in fear. The sky was completely gray with streaks of red glow; the wind frigid on her bare skin. Fire burned everywhere as if the world had cracked open. Ben picked her up and ran.

“Sorry, ma’am, but I need to get you to the safe house.” He ran towards an odd object with three, small, twirling blades.

“No, please don’t kill me.” Alice back froze her rigid.

“Kill you? I wouldn’t kill you. This right here is a helicopter, and we are going to fly.”

Thrown into the back seat of the helicopter, Alice sat in the back as Ben got into the passenger seat.

“Sorry. This won’t hurt much.” He raised the back of his gun.

“Sorry for wh—?”

Alice’s world went dark.

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed the excerpt, or what you think may happen to Alice. Don’t forget to tell someone you love them this week, and as always, stay feisty.



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