Intern Travel Log: 3 Steps on How to Be the Annoying Tourist Everyone Hates

Hey, Feisty ones!

Its amaaaazzzzziiiiiinnnnnnggggg here in New England! I’m used to the hot, muggy Oklahoma summers of trying to find a balance between how many clothes its acceptable to not wear; here, I’m wearing long sleeves and listening to nature as I sleep.

Oklahoma will always have my heart, and a part of me cannot wait to be back with my friends and family, but I have handy guide for those that are traveling this summer. Here are my three stellar ways to annoy the locals, hog attention, and absolutely embarrass yourself in front of strangers.

Step 1: Make sure you let everyone around know you’re a tourist in every way possible. A shirt with the state you reside in. Casually saying, “I’m from…” every time you meet a new gas attendant, cashier, or waiter. And don’t forget to ignore all signs and rules posted around the towns, cities, and roads, because fuck it, you’re on vacation.

Step 2: Bring the whole family! Why go on a vacation by yourself when you can split the cost with the entire gang? This includes, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, family friends (who are basically family), and the annoying cousin who stares a little too long at you and creeps you out. Enjoy a long car ride or a short plane ride next to a man who smells like bologna. Who cares, you’ll get at least one free meal if the family is there.

Step 3: Do everything on your phone. Find a tourist trap restaurant with overpriced, mediocre food and sit the entire time on your phone checking your selfies, making sure your friends and the world knows how much fun you are having, and don’t forget to do this at every meal because who cares about memories and conversations when you can be self-indulgent and popular.


This is obviously not what you should do on vacations, but I see it all the time. Luckily, I have family to let me know when I’m being weird and show me where all the good food is. And it’s usually at a place you cannot find on google and looks like you need a tetanus shot just to go in.

Also, here is a beautiful picture of New England.


I hope this can give someone a laugh. Don’t forget to subscribe and like all social media for more intern everything!!

Intern Travel Tip #2: New Yorkers are assholes on the road.


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  1. texaslawstudent says:

    Ugh I’m still stuck in Oklahoma!

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