10 Tips for Surviving the Slush Pile

Hey, Feisty Ones!

It’s officially summer! As many know, here at Transmundane Press, we are in the works for a fire anthology. Well, guess who reads all the stories. Me. So, as we are working our way through the pile from hell (size not quality), I can’t help but think about the other publishing companies out there and what their strategies of getting through the pile are. Well, when you google it: blah, grind, blah, blah, fifteen-minute break. It was all boring, so I thought I’d share how we do things here at the press.

Please remember to take this light heartedly; we do have a type of professionalism. It’s just out of the box.

I have ten steps for success.

Step 1: Pour Drink *sip*


Step 2: Read

Step 3: Destroy all and any work that uses too much passive voice or “you”

Step 4: Deep breath, contemplate life and the pursuit of happiness. Remember the amount of work you need to do. Small panic attack. Back to work.

Step 5: Finish the first paragraph. Yay!

Step 6: Reward self with 30-minute Netflix break.

Step 7: Get back to work, message Alisha thoughts so far (we’re the same person).

Step 8: Finish a few pages—skip to ending.

Step 9: Write down thoughts and concerns—send to Alisha

Step 10: Repeat.

I hope this helps or just gives you a laugh. We love all our authors and are so honored they submit to us. Make sure to keep an eye out for submission calls. Follow us on all social media for cheap entertainment.


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  1. Hahaha…I’m very familiar with # 6.


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