So, I quit my job.

Hey, Feisty Ones!

So, I quit my job.

Not my job here at the press, but the part time job that’s been keeping me from working here. I won’t go into details, but I will tell you about what happened this week that caused me to quit.
Let’s do it in a series of days.
• Saturday- Came home from working a double shift after getting two hours of sleep because my roommate’s new puppy must howl and bark all night long while my roommate is at work. Got into an argument with roommate’s girlfriend. She threatened me. I told her to leave. Went to sleep.
• Sunday- Got up after getting three hours of sleep again because roommate’s dog howled and barked all night. Went to work. Got off work and went to office manager and ask to have roommate’s girlfriend removed from building for threatening me. Cops called, illegal things found, people in trouble. Moved apartments that night due to threats.
• Monday- Unpack my entire life into another apartment.
• Tuesday- Father’s birthday party and my one year anniversary of being single!
• Wednesday- A friend that turned out to be just my roommate dismissed me after helping her out the best I could. Thanks for that.
• Thursday- Work and Sleep
• Friday- Work and Sleep
• Saturday- Work in the morning. After trying to find someone to cover my double shift to take a family member to the hospital, thankfully someone did. Spent the night.
• Sunday- Woke up mentally and physically exhausted in a hospital chair. Quit Job and could finally breathe. Came to work at the press.

That pretty much sums up one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Nothing like your life being threatened to remind you how short your time is. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my part-time job. It just became too stressful with family things and my internship. Luckily, I have a great support system, great family and friends, and now a cat.

This is how we overcome shit at the press:


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