Dead Week

Hello, my Feisty ones! It is dead week…

*screams in exhaustion*

A lot of college students are going through something that happens every semester. Finals. These are the worst days of our lives. Remember in the good-ole-high-school days when end of the year testing was horrible. University finals are the same thing, but on crack.  It’s almost the same as when you submit a book, story, or poem to be published. You spend hours reading over what you’ve written. Praying to God you didn’t misspell something that will make you seem like an idiot. Don’t believe me? Just look at the comparison

  • Student Before Finals: Study all day, In bed by 8PM
  • Author Before Submissions: Re-read the same story two times, Coffee Break at 8PM
  • Student Before Finals: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Break.
  • Author Before Submissions: Searches better ways to make money as an author
  • Student Before Finals: Panic/ Cry
  • Author Before Submissions: Cry/ Contemplate burning computer


  • Student Before Finals: Panic Harder/ Eat everything in sight
  • Author Before Submissions: Panic/ Get 6th cup of coffee
  • Student Before Finals: Midnight, well I can stay up for one more hour and get five hours of sleep
  • Author Before Submissions: Its only Midnight?
  • Student Before Finals: 3AM, fuck it I’m not sleeping
  • Author Before Submissions: 3AM, Can more than 15 cups of coffee kill you? **Googles side effects of too much coffee**

Trust me, these are all too common. It does not matter how much you study or how much you read. You will panic the entire time. I’m sure most students have heart conditions by thirty because of this.  I luckily have only one actual final, and I’m terrified of it.

tumblr_mypes4AlZ11sea3eyo1_400Shout out to all the students out there getting an education and conquering the world! And of course, I won’t forget about my authors out there creating better worlds than this to immerse in.


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  1. LindaGHill says:

    Yes. Just yes. 😛

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