Community Challenge and Giveaway!

Hello, amazing peoples!

We’re readying for a celebration. After some bumps in the road, it’s time to get together and have a party. So, we’re hosting a small challenge. Y’all, this is for authors and readers, and we have a fun prize to commemorate all this love.

First, the prize. We’re offering two tickets to the movies for you and a special someone. Let them swing for the popcorn. <Super-sly-ninja wink>

Next, the when. From today until February 13th—when we will hold a fun Facebook party to announce the winner and give away some more prizes.

Finally, the what. We challenge you to take a picture of yourself with your copy of After the Happily Ever After—no worries, your kindles, phones, and nooks, etc., count! Post this as your profile picture, tag us at @TransmundanePress, and use the #AHEA tag so that we can find you, and you’re entered into the drawing! For every day that you have it up, you’ll get an extra entry into the drawing.



You can also enter via Twitter and Instagram.

Use the tag @TransmundnePres and #AHEA for Twitter.


Use the tags @anthonybuoni, @alishacostanzo, and #AHEA for Instagram.


Join the event on Facebook.


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