Magic, Adventure, and Wonder: launching the After the Happily Ever After anthology by Anthony S. Buoni

AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER: A COLLECTION OF FRACTURED FAIRY TALES is the third anthology that TRANSMUNDANE PRESS has produced.  What started as a nagging “what if…” question that we tossed out into the sea of creators quickly mushroom clouded into our most complicated and challenging project to date.

Based on our previous efforts—DISTORTED and UNDERWATER—we predicted somewhere between 30 and 50 submissions in our modest inbox, but were suddenly inundated with entries from dreamers located all over the world.  India, Canada, the UK, Australia, USA—they kept coming even after our posted deadline.

And they were wonderful tales.

Tales rich with adventure, unrequited love, treasure, sex, death, magic—these stories captured our imaginations the same way the storybooks of our youth tickled our fantasies.  Re-experiencing the same childlike excitement invoked memories of bedtime stories read by dim nightlights, of dragons swooping into our dreams and carrying us away to far off lands where anything and everything was possible.

We recognized we had something special, that this anthology was tapping into sacred territory.

The entries took us into many realms, some whimsical and filled with pulses quickened with romance, others much darker, frightening enough to stop the heart.

We are a press in love with both stories and those who tell them.

Sifting through the voices became a daunting undertaking.

Not every story was publication ready, and a few we were absolutely enamored with politely withdrew from the collection.  We respected every entry and their creators, and we hope those who didn’t make this campfire gathering will appear with us in the future.  After all, no one likes waking up, and there is plenty of time for more dreams.

And as for the visions that do appear in these pages…

This is the type of book where the stories take on lives of their own.  Our contributors led us down many winding corridors, through perils and joys alike.  We were astounded at the different variations, how interpretations of the same story landed oceans apart.  Old ideas reborn, made fresh with loving pens and keen language.

Though our childhood role models were resurrected, their worlds were often quite adult.

Royal marriages devolving, tainted with affairs and greed.

A hero’s toppled victory ruining a land before being mined for commodities.

Defeated witches getting the last laugh after all.

Sleeping princesses awakening with an unquenchable hunger for flesh.

Yes, the stories that lulled us to sleep as children are back, but this time we can relive them through our grown-up senses, allowing us to be child and adult simultaneously.

But don’t let us spoil all the fun.

Experience all the magic and wonder, every moment of betrayal and terror.

Order your copy today.

Available in paperback, e-book (on sale for only $6.99 till January 1st), and special hardcover limited to 150 copies and signed by both editors.


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  1. LindaGHill says:

    Reblogged this on Linda G. Hill and commented:
    The “After the Happily Ever After” anthology is finally out! My story, “Alice on the Analyst’s Couch” and many more wonderful tales can be found in this beautiful book. The Kindle version is on sale until January 1st. Please click on the original post and read all about it, and pick up your copy today. 😀


  2. abergloff says:

    I just ordered a copy! Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to read it.

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  3. Loved this, Anthony. Reblogging on my website.


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